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Vehicle options

At Prime Freight we are confident that we can source any vehicle that you require. 

If you are not sure what vehicle you need for your deliveries then please see below our vehicle guide which gives you a rough idea of the types of vehicles available, and the weights and how many pallets each vehicle can carry. (Please note the below information is a guide for information purposes only and each vehicle may vary)

Small Van

Pallets: 1 (UK)  1 (EU)  Payload: 400kg

Short Wheel Base Van

Pallets: 2 (UK)  2 (EU)  Payload: 1000kg

Long Wheel Base Van

Pallets: 3 (UK)  3 (EU)  Payload: 1200kg

Luton Van

Pallets: 6 (UK)  6 (EU)  Payload: 1000kg

18 Tonne

Pallets: 14 (UK)  16 (EU)  Payload: 9000kg

Artic 44 Tonne

Pallets: 26 (UK)  32 (EU)  Payload: 27000kg

Hiab Crane Bucket
Extra Long Wheel Base Van

Pallets: 4 (UK)  4 (EU)  Payload: 1200kg

7.5 Tonne

Pallets: 10 (UK)  12 (EU)  Payload: 2500kg

26 Tonne

Pallets: 16 (UK)  20 (EU)  Payload: 15000kg

Artic Moffett

Pallets: 26 (UK)  32 (EU)  Payload: 24000kg

Low loader
Hiab Crane Hook
Prime Freight
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