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What are the issues and challenges facing the UK road haulage industry in 2023?

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

Our MD (Simon) has been in the logistics industry for 32 years and has seen many changes during that time.

The UK haulage industry has always been tough - with low margins, fierce competition, and rising costs. These are the current challenges that most hauliers in the UK are facing in the coming months.


For many years there has been a big shortage of HGV drivers in the UK. At its peak, it was estimated at 100,000. That has meant it has been hard to recruit them, retain them and wages have been driven up. That shortage was worsened with Brexit when many EU drivers left the UK to return home. Some haulage firms are now seeing a shortage of other staff such as workshop fitters and mechanics.


Its rumoured that the UK is one of the worst places in Europe for overnight parking for HGV’s. Many places being unsafe and unhygienic for drivers spending nights away from home.


We are all keen to drive down our impact on our planet in whatever way we can. The pace to produce cleaner trucks is way behind many other industries. There are still so few electric trucks on the market and their driving range limits them to local and regional work only.

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