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We could offer YOU this kind of service...


On Monday afternoon, a customer asked us could we deliver 3 pallets to Holland the next morning. We said we could using our Dedicated Euro Van service. Here is the timeline of how quickly it got sorted from start to finish.

  •  The enquiry came in at 1409

  •  We quoted the customer with a solution at 1427

  •  They booked it at 1439

  •  Our Van arrived at the collection premises at 1630

  •  The export Invoice was emailed to us at 1655

  •  The Export entry still managed to be done that evening

  •  The van shipped out overnight

  •  Delivered at 1100 the next morning in the NL

  • A VERY HAPPY customer 😁👌

Just one example of the FAST RESPONSE TIMES that you get from Prime Freight.

Call or email us to see how we can help YOUR supply chain.

0845 139 7777

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