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Manufacturing - Adding Value to your Supply Chain

The UK is currently the eighth largest manufacturing nation in the world and despite the uncertainties surrounding Brexit, seems to be growing year on year. At Prime Freight we understand that manufacturing is a demanding industry that is reactive and changes in response to consumer demand.

We offer a flexible service that can adapt to pretty much any situation and request, which helps ensure that goods can be transported from the factory straight to the customer, wherever and whenever they need to get there.

At Prime Freight our team of experts have years of experience dealing with Manufacturing companies and helping them to add value and efficiency to their supply chain.

We can move anything from a small pallet to a large Artic and will always go the extra mile to find the perfect solution for you and your business.

If you would like to talk to a member of our team to see how we can add value to your supply chain then call 0845 139 7777 or email

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