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Fancy a 3 ton pizza ?

Well, a 3 ton pizza oven to be more accurate. 🤣

A couple of weeks ago, we were asked to quote for a UK Hiab delivery of a 3 ton pizza oven from London Gateway Port to South Wales - "no problem" we said 👍

It then transpired that 2 x pizza ovens were arriving in a shipping container from Brazil. The UK client was not aware that he was responsible for unloading the ovens from the container. Fortunately that is something that we do on a very regular basis.

We therefore:

* Liaised with the Shipping Line to get release, * Sent a truck into the port to collect the container, * Moved it to a warehouse that had a fork lift that could lift 3 tons (most lift up to 2 tons), * Stored them for a few days, * Liaised with the delivery point in South Wales and a 2nd delivery in Brighton, * Collected and delivered on 2 Hiabs trucks. Both deliveries were successfully completed. 👌 Hopefully, the locals will be enjoining fabulous pizzas soon. If you need help with anything like the above, then we would love ❤ to hear from you. 0845 139 7777

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