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Can you do it CHEAPER ?

Is a question we sometimes get asked from Prospects or the odd Customer.

In my experience, clients fall into 1 of 3 categories:

  1. Those that are purely driven by price

  2. Those that are driven solely by service and performance

  3. Those that want a great service, at a competitive price

Prime freight will rarely be the cheapest. We invest too much time in our service to be so.

If a client wants the cheapest, we are probably not a good fit for them.

There are some carriers that specialise in offering the lowest price. But you have to accept hit and miss service (or worse), alongside the cheap rate.

All our Team strive daily to offer the best, personal, attentive, consistent service.

Being pro active. 👍 Not hoping for the best. 🤞

But likewise, we want to offer value for money. We want clients to be with us for the long term.

So the value we offer is key.

If you would like to see how Prime freight could help solve your logistical challenges, then give us a call. 0845 139 7777

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