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Brexit, 3 years on...

This week marks the 3 year anniversary since Brexit. Whether you think we are better off, or worse, may depend on your Political persuasion. However, as a company at the 'coal face' of international transport, Prime Freight deals with the aftershock of Brexit on a daily basis. In our opinion, leaving the EU has increased the barriers and costs to UK businesses. Our customers face these issues: * Increased admin time to create the 'right' paperwork

* Increased time dealing with Customs related questions & queries

* Increased costs to transport due to Customs and related charges

* Increased transit times, that often cannot be guaranteed

All of the above make it harder for UK plc, to do business with our biggest customer - the EU.

If you need any help transporting to the EU or worldwide, give Prime Freight a call on 0845 139 7777 or email

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